Brave Rewards unable to verify country / region

Created a Uphold wallet with the recommendation of Brave. But now it is not supporting to verify in my country region. Somewhat I need a way to redeem my Brave Rewards. Give me a solution.

No solution, buddy. You will have to wait till Brave supports your region again. Get more updates about regional support changes at PSA Unsupported regions

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@Nasheeth If you’re not in one of the supported regions listed for Brave, which you can see here then you will need to wait until your country is added again before you’ll be able to link Brave to Uphold or Gemini.

You will still be able to see ads and earn BAT. You will also be able to tip Creators if you have anyone you’d like to support. Then eventually in the future you’ll be able to link again and withdraw the BAT to your bank or wherever you’d like.

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