Brave rewards to my uphold

Try disabling your extentions one-by-one on brave://extensions/ in your original profile and see which one is causing the issue.

I had only metamask and deleted it but still continously?

Can I use two profiles at same time?

Yes you can use both profiles. Did turning off Hardware Acceleration also not work? Make sure you relaunch the browser.

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Yeah bro I did and I wanna ask can I connect both my profiles to single gemini account and tranfer rewards from both?

It didn’t change anything same problem but thank you so much

Stop inserting your issues into unrelated/other users thread. If you have support request/issue, please open your own thread and provide as much information as possible and we’ll be happy to assist.


I have opened it but no one replied or helped me there

@Donkja LoL :grin:. Please tag Mattches in the post that you have created.

Yes you can link both profiles to Gemini but be careful as you will lose another slot out of max 4. Also Ads are shared across profiles which means you will receive half Ads or so.

Lol to me also if Mattches tells me to stop replying to multiple people in the same topic.

It means I can only link 4 account with gemini.

Bro I was having a brave reward wallet but reseted it and connected a new one to gemini does it mean the previous one also remains connected to gemini?

Yes it will count as an additional slot. Also, you should continue in your thread as instructed by Mattches.

It is still connected with gemini.
I mean my previous brave wallet?

Yes it is. The OP is being lost now. OP- Original Post. No problem.

Can it cause problem for me ?

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