Brave rewards tab isn't loading

I cannot access the Brave tab. It isn’t loading. Even when I tap on my wallet, it doesn’t load. And of course, I’m connected to the internet and my browser is updated. And so I can’t access anything. I can’t even check how many ads I’ve viewed. And as far as I can remember I am receiving ads everyday because I’m using this everyday, but then the reward I received today was only 0.34something BAT and I can’t even check to see what happened. Please help

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Hi @Tinkernelle, does it work when your VPN isn’t running?

Yes. I have tried removing the VPN but it still doesn’t work. I have never experienced this before except after the last update. I have always been able to open the Rewards tab with or without vpn before. Please help.

What version are you currently on?

1.14.83 version. The update last September 20.

1.14.83 version. Just the recent update.

Hi I’m experiencing the same issue. Some context:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Version 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  • Not on VPN

The root cause in my case is this unhandled JavaScript TypeError:

TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'adsEnabled' of 'this.props.rewardsData.adsData' as it is undefined.
    at pm.componentDidMount (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:3597)
    at Va (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at Qa (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
    at Object.t.unstable_runWithPriority (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:38)
    at Dl (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at Rl (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at Bl (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at kl (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
    at el (brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29)
pa @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
n.callback @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
ia @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
ra @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Va @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Qa @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
(anonymous) @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
t.unstable_runWithPriority @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:38
Dl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Rl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Bl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
kl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
el @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
ql @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
zl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Pl.render @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
(anonymous) @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Ll @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
Zl @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
render @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:29
initialize @ brave_rewards_page.bundle.js:3597

I didn’t even know what seems to be the problem with mine. But I still receive ads but I can never view how many ads I’ve received. Nothin

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