Brave Rewards Sync Related - No Rewards received as of May 6

I have 3 devices currently sync’d. 2 laptops and a Iphone. When I go to settings and look at sync section I do see all 3 devices in there. But one laptop says Next payout as June 05 and the other laptop say May 5. In all cases there is no payout showing in my Uphold. I did confirm both laptops are connected to the same Uphold account. Where are my rewards and why the discrepancy in next payout date?

May 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status - #7 by steeven!

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sync issue has partially resolved. Currently they both show June as the next payout.

Remaining issues are:

  1. Next payout is June 05 but May payout has not shown up. Per the community leads responses I will wait until all payouts are completed.

2, Different laptops showing different reward values in rewards page. They are both in the sync list and tied to the same Uphold account. Assume the will be 2 payouts into Uphold.

Sorry I forgot to tell you what the remedy was different payouts showing in different laptops. It is bringing all the devices to latest version.

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