Brave Rewards Suggestions+Thoughts For Publishers' Peace of Mind


We Publishers’ Want A Better Fraud Detection
One of the biggest nightmares of a publisher is to have their accounts freeze or suspended by the ad-network who is serving ads on their websites without knowing what’s going on or what caused it. We have bills to pay - writers, hosting, etc.

Scenario: In online publishing, it is inevitable that you’ll sometimes hurt someone or a group due to your views, stand on a certain topic or even anything they deem unacceptable to them. Now, if that person/group wants to hit you, they would think of attacking you through your income stream. They’ll just click-bomb you so you will be suspended. Good enough for the biggest player on display advertising, they automatically detect this as invalid clicks and reduce it in your earnings at the end of the month without making publisher’s freak-out seeing an under-review or suspended message on their dashboard. SO, publishers have a peace of mind on that kind of system.

I once heard on one of Brendan’s presentations (not very much sure of this though, I might have missed some details, but it’s how I perceive it) that one way of fraud detection is the sudden surge of BATs on a certain account. But, I believe it should not be.
Case . A publisher promoted Brave on Facebook Ads for 5 days and shared/promoted on groups of fellow publishers at the same time he started the ad campaign. He’ll assume a rise of BATs on those days but not on the rest of the month.

At some point, I’m thinking that a more sophisticated fraud detection might compromise our vision of a privacy-by-default era. BUT, for me as a publisher, it’s not a big deal if that would protect the ecosystem. If necessary, let’s keep the privacy-by-default standard to users, but NOT for publishers.


Set standards/requirements before a publisher will be approved to the program. I suggest that before a publisher/creator will be approved to the Brave Rewards Program, their websites/channel will be checked/reviewed first to see if it’s illegible or passed the set requirements. (I will be willing to volunteer if it’s necessary.) *This could avoid mass suspension/under review accounts.

It’s neat and clean but…,
it doesn’t have enough or additional information within the same page to retain and educate the potential referral. This causes potential referrals to navigate away from the referral page in search for additional information. As far as I know, we don’t track potential referrals beyond the landing page, which slips potential earning for the referrer, so as much as possible there should be more information within the page for retention. This increases the possibility that they would download the Browser with the page rather than navigating away for more info before downloading.

THOUGHT: We should be careful about how we deal with our pioneering publishers as much as possible because it usually resonates on their groups and communities. And sometimes, doubts/distrust stay there for years to come and hold others back from trying.

I’m very optimistic about the future of this project for publishers and wishes ingenuity for our Brave Team.



some response to the accounts under review



Added another suggestion,.



If that happened its will be great . I have one more suggestion. Whenever team detect any suspicious activity they issue some kind of warning on publisher dashboard. In most cases publishers does not doing it willingly.

But it’s not good you did suspension on payout day …it’s should be before payout date



Thanks for the feedback @imbrave @Arise @jechuito,

Personally, I really appreciate you all for taking a time to write this. Let me cc @Asad @mandar @rebron2000 on this. :slight_smile:

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Dear @imbrave - fair feedback and as the ecosystem grows, we are realizing that we are still learning to scale, but are not there yet! We have worked on improving our visibility around the issue of publisher authenticity this year, so point taken. We will continue to strive and improve on our current toolchain and do what we can to provide continuous feedback as well.

We want to re-iterate that this policy note ref: A note to Publishers is key to understanding our values, and how we evaluate Publishers.

We want to acknowledge that we are at times overwhelmed as the ecosystem exponentially grows. That being said, we are doing everything we can to get back and take each suspended account 1:1 when Publishers try to reach us.

Thank you for the feedback, and more importantly for being patient with us.

Best, Mandar



Additional thought added regarding on the referral landing page.