Brave Rewards suddenly reset, two months in a row

Hey folks, I’m beta testing the Android app (version 1.5.116) and my Brave rewards balance has suddenly disappeared… Twice!

Last month, after my ad rewards rolled in and my balance updated just fine, the next day it suddenly reset back to $0.00. Even though it sucks to lose an entire month’s progress, I know the Android rewards are really for “testing purposes” so I shrugged it off as a random unlucky bug.

Now this month’s rewards just came in. I only got a brief glimpse of my new balance, then the next time I opened the browser, my rewards had reset again. At least I remembered to take screenshots this time LOL. You can see how my balance is back to $0.00 yet still shows my total earnings from last month too. Weird.

I thought perhaps my balance transferred over to my Uphold account since I linked my wallet a while ago, but then I remembered the Android version is standalone and cannot sync with Uphold or the desktop browser (at least not yet). I double checked anyway to be safe, and it’s definitely not there.

I didn’t reinstall the app nor did I clear the app data or manually reset my rewards so I’m really at a loss here. Just wanted to report this as a potential bug.

Has anyone else has experienced this?

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Hey doctorowl! Was Auto-Contribute enabled? What activity do you see in the Rewards Summary (other than the 13.5 BAT you earned)?

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Good question, I hadn’t even thought to check that! I do indeed have auto-contribute set to the lowest amount which is 5 BAT. I went from a balance of 0.00 last month to 13.50 BAT this month, and I’m not sure if my auto-contribution means 5 BAT total, or per each individual site. The Rewards Summary unfortunately only shows my 13.5 BAT in earnings. Maybe there’s a more detailed activity list somewhere that I just completely missed, haha.

Hi there, if you PM me your brave://rewards-internals data I’ll issue you a refund. :slight_smile:

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