Brave rewards stuck at 0.100

Hello, this month I have a problem. My rewards are stuck at 0.100 since the first day, saying I saw just ~=20 adds. The problem is that I saw more adds. What appends?!
Waiting for more informations.
Best regards.

Hi for those having the same problem of receivings ads without beeing paid, i was told by steeven that my wallet had been flagged by their automated system for irregular activity. And he solve the issue. But i’m a little bit concerned on why would that happened since i’ve not done anything irregular. Maybe a vpn that i tried? I don’t have any clue. Noneless Brave is really a buggy browser (on the rewards mostly) and is hard to keep it. We will see how thing evolve but for the moment for those like me that hate to lose their time or don’t want to lose their time with debugging and frustrations Brave is not ready for prime time.

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Yeah… i see. I didn’t use vpn and I don’t have “irregular activities”…

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