Brave Rewards Stalled

My Brave Rewards have not increased since November. BAT unchanged.
No ads displayed either. Please advise.

Hey @MrSteve . I almost missed you because you didn’t put a category or tag on your Topic. In the future, try to do that and then complete the templates they generate, if possible. A lot of that information helps us to find you and understand better how to help.

Things like which operating system you’re using, which version of Brave you’re on, etc are kind of important. That said, if you haven’t seen it already, try to check out my big FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers as it provides some basic information on things to troubleshoot and what might be causing problems. It also advises who to contact if none of that stuff makes a difference.

You also can feel free to respond here with more information or to try to message me if you need help on things to check. But hopefully getting you over to that FAQ to look things over and make some adjustments on your end will be all that’s needed.

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