Brave Rewards Stagnant ads-count

Hi all! Would really appreciate if somebody helps me understand why on some days my ads count stayed stagnant. This happened several times and I would go without ads from anywhere between 4 days to a couple of weeks. I don’t know what I did or could’ve done wrong.

I had that issue a few days ago. I cleared my cache and cookies. About 2 hours later (after 4 days of no rewards) i started accumulating rewards again. May or may not work for you. Let me know.

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I clear my cache from time to time. Sometimes, the ads count don’t get affected. And then there are days where it pauses. I’m confused.

@Taneugg Is your locale as set in brave://rewards-internals/ > Ad diagnostics belongs to your region? Do have VPN enabled?

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the same thing is happening with me too for some time sometimes i get ads but they are not counted as rewards sometimes they are not even shown @steeven please help

I encountered same issue, didn’t get any ads for the past 3 days. Ads only started showing few hours ago.

I’ve check. It is set to the supported region and VPN is disabled.

@Taneugg Is locale set to the region where you are now?

It says locale is on en-GB.

Is this where you are, in UK?

Could you let me know how I could change it please?

@Taneugg Since this is about MacOS, I am not sure but can suggest. A user had reported before that this can be changed by changing keyboard language in MacOS. As heads up, this can be changed in Windows by changing Region Format in system settings and by changing Device Language on Android. So you may try on that lines as well if changing keyboard language doesn’t work. After changing, you will have to relaunch the browser to see changed locale.

Sometimes you may not find exact option that matches your region then you would like to keep it as close as possible to your region. For example if you are in Italy and want English and English (Italy) is not available then English (Malta) will do as Malta is close to Italy.

You should only change this Locale if is not correct already. Do post an update.

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I have changed my settings accordingly and I think this could work. Again, thank you @Aman_M for the assistance. Have a great day!

So just to confirm, was it the keyboard language that changed locale in the MacOS?

I reckon so: The ads count has jumped since the change.

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