Brave Rewards - Sign Up Confusing

I am trying to set up rewards and I’ve created a Brave Wallet but the rewards system is telling me I have to create another account for a third party system. I thought creating the wallet would allow the rewards to go into the wallet but I don’t see any option for that. Have I misunderstood the entire program?

Sonoma 14.5
I had to use the finder to determine the version as the “about brave,” refused to let me copy and paste the version number:

I don’t have one at the moment and I’m suspecting this is yet another account in a supposedly privacy focused paradigm that I have to surrender ID to. Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of the browser?

United States

I do struggle with cognitive dysfunction and have trouble comprehending things that were once super easy to grasp so it’s possible I’m just missing a step or a rule or something. I’ve been frustrated with the recursive nature of the “support,” system and the “sign up,” process as they’re recursive and super unhelpful and launch a billion tabs to achieve nothing. Again, this could just be my mental issues and not the platform but I’m writing this because I’m beyond frustrated.

What was the point of creating a wallet if i can’t use it? What is the point of surrendering ID for ad rewards to a system that supposedly sustains privacy? There are too many incongruent claims and requirements that I can’t reconcile.

Nope. It’s something they are making progress toward but isn’t available fully. You can read more about that over at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

No. The browser is focused on you not seeing ads and to limit the abilities for advertisers and others to track your activity across the internet. Signing up for an account or abiding by government regulations for things like banking wouldn’t be a violation of anything that the browser is meant to do.

Who said you can’t use it? Brave Wallet is what you would use to send or receive any cryptocurrency. You can buy, send, or receive crypto from most things. What you’re speaking of here is just that you want to earn BAT from viewing privacy preserving ads and have it sent to your Wallet, but that’s not available for everyone yet. If you want to earn and receive BAT, you will have to link to Uphold. Otherwise you just have to wait for on chain Rewards to be available to you.

Oh, and I have a FAQ pinned to the front of this website. If you had taken the time to look through it, you might have also seen things like below which would answer some of your questions/concerns.

Thank you for your condescension and ignoring that I have cognitive issues. I’m glad to know I’m so welcomed.

Absolutely no condenscension. If you’re seeing it that way, I highly suggest you work with a cognitive behavioral therapist. The big reason I’m mentioning this is it is something I had to get help on.

When we read, we can’t see body language or hear vocal inflections. How we perceive the things we read is highly dependent on our own thinking. The way you set your premise in the original post and then your accusatory reply, it seems that you carry around a victim mentality and like to look at others as natural bullies. Ether that, or you’re trying to use the excuse as a way to try to control and insult others. Either way, it might be something you want to get help on. Learning to see and address it will do wonders for your mental health and the way the world interacts with you.

Guess what? You’re not the only one. I had a traumatic brain injury in 2021 and have issues. On top of that, been found to be autistic, have PTSD, etc.

Indeed. I answered all of your questions. I even asked you questions that you have chosen to ignore, such as who told you that you can’t use Brave Wallet? This is/was a claim you made based on what is likely an assumption.

For those of us who have cognitive issues, we have to learn to slow down and sometimes read things multiple times. It is also important to be very careful about making assumptions.

And to the final point I had made, it just was letting you know there are sources out there. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t pay attention.

Doing that also might help you recognize who I am, such as: