Brave Rewards showing "Region not supported" for Uphold

I had previously verified Brave Rewards with Uphold and have been receiving payouts for months. Recently, the authorization was revoked automatically and when I’m trying to re-authorize, it says “Your region is not supported.”
However, I’m residing in a supported region as I have checked both Brave and Uphold’s articles about that.
I’m not using a VPN and this Brave profile is logged in to a single device only.
Is anybody else struggling with the issue?
My region is India.

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India has been taken of from the region list.
So it is no longer supported in india

My account uphold is fully verifield ia from Brazil not in list and tell not possible conect cause region is not compatible

You’re not checking the right things. There are three different lists of regions.

Brave Rewards, where it shows ads and lets you earn BAT, has its own set of supported countries. It is the largest list. You can view it here

Then there’s the partnership agreements between Gemini and Uphold that is done with Brave. This determines who is able to connect Brave to those exchanges to receive BAT and convert it to other currencies. This always changes. Lately they have narrowed this support down to 19 countries. You can see those for Uphold and Gemini

Then Gemini and Uphold have their own list of supported countries. They accept countries and let you trade many places. You can have accounts with Gemini or Uphold and use them to send, receive, or convert cryptocurrency regardless of what happens with Brave. You have to check their sites to see what limitations they have. You can see their lists on their websites.

Uphold does not detail supported regions, but rather they support anyone except those on their unsupported region/non-supported jurisdiction list.

Gemini’s supported regions can be seen on the site, which I just linked.

These differences sometimes confuse people. Anyway, right now, India (@Saquibhashmi90) and Brazil (@smartgames1010 ) is one of the places that isn’t supported between Brave and the exchanges. Nobody knows how long until it changes. In the meanwhile, you can still view ads and earn BAT. You just won’t be able to remove that BAT from your browser.

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