Brave rewards server problem

It says "Uh oh! The Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible. "
How to solve this problem i am using windows 10

nothing to do, just wait :ok_hand:

why it happens like that ? i am unable access some websites and unable to view ads says this site can’t be reached

@noisyboy1432 @sergiy23 you should see the X close button at the upper right of the message.

I have the same problem on my phone, i see the X

just restart your computer.

I got the same issue on Android

Right now i have that problem, but for me ads are still comming in, i do not know with you guys.

As for it’s reason, well it depends, It sometimes show when you have an unstable internet connection, or when the server is having some problems, it should be fix soon.

@eljuno just to say that, on android i see the X and i try to TAP on it to close the message but it doesn’t close. It that normal or is a bug on the banner?

it happens to me just like you.

You still see ads? As for me i still see them and they are being counted. The only thing is that i’m unable to close that message xd.

Edit: today 02 of agust 2020 at 10:04 the banner with that message is no longer showing.

How is on everyone side? Is still displaying?

it’s fine here also @ambrocioisaias2808 hope everyone elso

If exactly like you. Possibly a general problem at least does not affect the ads

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