Brave Rewards Server Not Responding & Wallet Verified but not found

Hello. I have updated to the latest Browser version. I thought that might fix this issue that has been going on since Dec 2019, but it has not…

On very rare occasions, my wallet will show, but the earnings is always the same on it (approx. 54 BAT) even though I have been claiming much more than that over these past few months. And my wallet has been verified with Uphold but when I am able to see my wallet and I click withdraw funds, it goes to a “Not Found” page on Uphold.

I have asked for a help on these issues before, and no one was able to do anything for me then. And I have asked Uphold for support and they just tell me I need to contact Brave Support… I am probably going to just give up on using brave if I can’t get this resolved. So please help.

I would try reconnecting your Uphold account via BAT triangle icon at URL bar.

Omg. I think that worked! I can see my wallet now! Thank You!!

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