Brave Rewards server not responding. Wallet not Verifying in Uphold

I have seen this message over my Brave Rewards for months now.

I have also created an account with Uphold and every time I click on Verify my Wallet, it just takes me to my Uphold dashboard. I cannot find my wallet anywhere.

I have also made an account with “Crypto Wallets” and I am unable to transfer my BAT “Tokens”

I have a feeling I am unable to do any of these things because it all relates to my first issue of the server not responding. Please help. Thank you!

Hi @unorthobox,

Thanks for writing in! Can you PM me the email linked to your account?

What OS are you primarily on?

Hi Steeven,

This is my account email:

And here is a screen shot of my OS


Thanks @unorthobox - have you been able to verify your wallet in the last couple of days, or still running into the same error?

Unfortunately I have not. I tried yesterday with no luck. But I will try again today.

Thank you,
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