Brave Rewards Self Reset on Androd


I was using brave on android, app version 1.10.99, and everything was working fine.

I opened it up after a while, and on visiting the brave://rewards page, it now suddenly shows the “Yes, I’m in button” I cannot access my wallet, with around 3 USD of BAT. (12.3 BAT)

This has happened before, and was resolved whenever I clicked on the “Yes, I’m in” button - it would take me to my wallet. It isn’t doing so now, it’s just stuck on “creating wallet”

I really need help, can’t lose so many BATs, I’ve seen over 250 ads this month itself.

@Mattches Can you help out?

Is your wallet currently verified w/Uphold?

Nope, it isn’t.

And I just solved it in a weird way -

Clearing cache, closing app and restarting did nothing, and whenever I visited brave://rewards it still showed the same thing, but I clicked on the right top triangle and then settings and it took me to brave://rewards with my wallet and data intact

Sorry to be of trouble. Hope the details help someone else, I’ll close this.
This still might be a bug