Brave rewards revenue

I saw on Brave’s official website that 70% of the ad revenue is given to the users. But how much is the ad revenue for each ad?

I’ve done some quick math. I have seen 420 ads so far this month, and my expected payout right now is $4.92. My expected payout changes with price fluctuations, but we’ll use what my expected payout is right now. So, each ad out comes out to around ~$0.0117.

So just a bit over a penny for each ad. This is aside from the payout received from sponsored images during the 5th of every month.

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But the payment is in BAT. Correct? Then you can’t use that math right? Because of the fluctuations.

That’s more or less right. I could substitute BAT in, and I would get 0.0578 BAT per ad on average this month. But, you get less BAT the more it’s worth, and vice versa, so this also changes with fluctuations.

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