Brave Rewards resetted to zero

I used to have 2.555 BAT coins in my browser but its now showing as zero and it is showing that +2.555 arriving in 5 days . what does that mean ?
Iam attaching a screenshot for reference .

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your 2.555 BAT is registered in the system, and will take 5 days to move from estimated earnings to your Brave Wallet.

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yes , I got my coins . thank you :slight_smile:

same thing as showed me in last 3 days ago but my bats still not received even claim option also not showed

There’s a notice at the top that says, “Payments are processing”.

Confusing I know! What it basically means is, ignore whatever the “Coming in … days” says, because it actually isn’t saying when your BAT will come.

Fact is, nobody in Brave knows when your BAT will be arriving! There’s only 1 thing they know, which is if everyone’s BAT should have arrived. And that’s by looking at the forum notice at the top of the page.

I do wish things could be better.

No mam… claim option is not showing… mam…

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