Brave rewards referral links - no longer showing site name in the body of the landing page?


I usually test my referral links at least once to verify they are showing the correct site name(s). I just tested one today, and noticed the site name isn’t shown on the referral lander.

Is this normal? I don’t have a screenshot of what they used to look like, but I can probably track one down, if necessary.

An example link would be: (for one of my sites). Before, when I went there, there was text to the effect of “Support [website name].” Now, no website name is shown.

Please let me know if this is the way it works now (as of January 2020).

Thanks in advance!

yes appears also on my end

@Mattches @Asad @bertrell

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I guess Brave team found out by cross testing that displaying generic lander converts better for the publishers. No need to worry IMO.

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@bertrell @decades85 @butete,
This is expected – part of some recent changes we’ve been making on our end. Nothing to worry about :slight_smile: