Brave rewards profil Flagged?

Since February, I don’t know why my account is flagged, no e-mail, no action… I can’t/no longer check my Uphold account even though I’ve been using this system for well over 6 months… Is it possible to tell me why I find myself blocked without reward for 2 months and that no correction or justification is made?

Thanks in advance !

does not work for brave
yes, it’s a bug in the flagging system - far too many accounts have been flagged with false positives for “irregular Brave Ads activity”, which i think is caused by the browser itself.

hopefully the team are already working on it and will restore all falsely flagged accounts asap so we can all get on with our lives. and some compensation for the disruption would be nice.

in the meantime, there is not much you can do because support is lax. sit tight and hope brave put right the wrongs.

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