Brave rewards payout

Hi so I just downloaded brave the other day and received 20 bat (grant) and haven’t seen a way to payout the bat to uphold or coin base. I am using an Android phone. I downloaded uphold but it’s not showing any bat credit. Please help


the same problem here.

Sorry at the moment brave is operating a unidirectional wallet. Development is being done to make bidirectional wallet. Please bear with them. The token granted for now can only be paid forward to content providers. You can use to find brave verify content publishers


@Jacksonkm77 @Ldrien in addition, you’ll not be able to withdrawal BAT that you got from BAT grants. Because it’s purpose is to help user try the Rewards system. If not used within 90 days, those BAT will be sent back to UGP.

But, you’ll be able to withdrawal BAT that you got from watching Brave Ads.

Entiendo he leído mal, pensé que dijo que tenia donaciones a su canal pero no aparecía el saldo en su cuenta de brave publisher. :grin: mala traduccion.