Brave rewards payout wrong

Same here. Only .25 was deposited into uphold walket


I got 0.25 BAT instead of 5+. No one from Brave responds.


Hi thanks for sharing,

Are you referring to what is reflected on your Estimated Earnings or your Balance ?

Same problem @SaltyBanana i got 1 bat instead of 5 bat and second brave nighty browser earning didn’t received yet @steeven

Hi if you would like for me to look further, can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals) this would help with the troubleshooting process.

Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please follow this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

I am referring to what it said for December Earnings that my 5+ BAT is on the way… and I got 0.25 BAT instead of 5.
I have Brave on my Android phone which is connected to the same account. Could it be the source of issue?

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Can you please DM me your Wallet ID (found at brave://rewards-internals)

I did not get any rewards. Still waiting where are my BAT tokens.

I also only received 0.25 BAT for the month of December when I average 6.0-7.0 Monthly I never get under 3.0 BAT and I’ve had as high as over 12.0 BAT. I don’t remember what I got for all of December, but I did remember seeing it over 3.5 BAT.

It seems a lot of people are having the same exact issue!

I can’t find anywhere else to report this but here!

UPDATE 20220115: Today I received the proper amount for the month of December. I hope the issue is resolved permanently and this does not happen again… but thank you!

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Hi, I use the brave browser on some computers, but on only two of them the claim rewards button appeared, in December the same thing happened!

Hello, I stop receiving payments since august I think and I used to get them monthy throuh my Uphold Wallet. It simply are not going to my wallet. Also I want to sycn my Browser with my wallet but says I already have too many devices. I just have 1 Uphold account sycn to my Brave Rewards. Maybe I have more than 1 device of course. Desktop, Tablet, or mobile. But how can I manage my connected devices? Sometimes I hard reset my devices without logging out from Brave Rewards, maybe is getting some devices as connected and I’m not using it anymore, but I can’t find how to manage my “devices”. Any help with this please?

yeah same it confused the hell out of me

They also paid me 0.25 USD when I accumulated 1 USD and the 0.75 USD does not appear anywhere.

Hi. I just wanted to state that I’ve not received a payout for Oct, Nov, or Dec 2021.

I’m a long time user. I’ve posted to social media numerous times–both with props ad criticism.

I’ve only used mobile across this time.

I’ve done all you ask…I’ve just never received a payout.

I click “claim” and get a progress graphic that never resolves.

I’ve clicked wallet each month, and I’m told I’ll be a recipient.

I click wallet and I’ll have an amount and be asked to verify.

I click to verify->I’m shipped to Uphold->I login->complete 2FA->and I’m again met with a graphic which never resolves.

Just saying.

Same thing here. I should have had more than 10. So far 0.25 in one wallet on a computer that shows “verified” for uphold. This worked perfect last month (my first month trying Brave browser), and I have not disconnected or removed anything.

Hi I also haven’t recieve my 1.9 BAT .
I am a verified uphold user but it hasn’t arrived yet, and not it shows payment complete for uphold wallets.

Only received .25 BAT when it should have been at least 7 between 2 devices. :man_shrugging:

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hello everyone,

better than me … I received 0 BAT (i would get 1.78)


one more month and no rewards for me in upload account :frowning:

can you check/help please? I have verified wallet

thx and have a nice day

me too less payout received.