Brave Rewards Payout/Statements February 2020 Help


I want to first say that this forum has been absolutely awesome, not only do the admins do a great job of helping, but they are always here and I’m seeing how this project can really start to take off and get off the ground with such awesome support. I’m so happy using Brave over the last few weeks and really I’m looking forward to making this project work by spreading the word.

That last statement is where I want to begin, because I have several friends that are interested and when I learned about the payout program I wanted to capitalize on this. I told a few friends last month to see what the payout program was like. I have only a handful of downloads and wanted to see how this would work before really pushing harder on my friends/supporters of my music and photography. At first, I didn’t get a payout, I contacted another forum discussion and received more of a pay out, which is great! But, when I was doing the math things didn’t seem to add up to $7.50, so I added another forum topic and asked a question. Today I see that there has been more BAT added to my account, which is nice, but that still doesn’t equal the 9 total downloads/installs that I earned last month (I’m attaching photos). The bigger question that I have is that I still don’t see my statements tab at all to check/understand my situation. I’m attaching screenshots of everything and want to say thank you all for your hard work on this awesome project!

Hi @Nrwidener1 - thanks so much for reaching out, and for the kind words :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can help shed some light. BAT is paid out per Confirmation, which is when a user downloads, installs and uses Brave continuously over a 30 day period. So once your installs move over to Confirmations, you will then be paid the corresponding BAT.

We currently are working on a fix for this bug - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating, which you may have been impacted by. There is no data loss, and you will be paid for the correct amount of confirmations.

Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help to answer!!

Thank you.

not only do my statistics not update, but my balance has never been updated this month.

Hi @ikolebaev - when did they last update? Please see this note - A quick note concerning referral stats not updating.

Yes, I’ve already looked at the article. The last time the balance and statistics were updated was March 11. I knew about the topic that you gave me to read. Just tell me if the team is still working or if I’m the only one with statistics that don’t work . my friend from this forum has statistics updated every day. and my balance and statistics are not updated

From linked thread above☝️

As far as I’m aware of, the team not give an update for this issue. So I believe the team is still working on it. And Steven also mentioned this on his previous reply.

If you read the thread linked above, other publishers also face the same issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.
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