Brave Rewards Payout Eligibility Confusion

Hello Steeven at @steeven , I have super easy question for you to clear my doubh before you become super Busy after 6 june :grinning:, Please read below information and question.

  • I am using Brave on Windows 10 Pro.
  • I am regular brave users and receives BAT during your payout schedule on time, Thanks.
  • I have brave unverified wallet and ads created before more than 1.5 month ago and last wallet is created on 11 May 21
  • I have disabled auto contribution.

Now I want to know that brave payout requires ads enabled and wallet created before some days of payout But We I don’t know that what is exact duration.

Question 1- So please reply about exact duration like if payout date is 6th June then till which date brave wallet should be created with ads enabled so BAT token becomes eligible for Payout.

Question 2- If payout date is 6th June and if wallet is very old and ads are enabled very earlier then ads earning till which date will be count/ considered for next payout on 6th june 21, Do I get my collected BAT paid till 5th June 21 or not ?

Please reply precisely, waiting for your reply.

Rewards accumulated till last date of a month are paid in next payout cycle generally beginning 5th of each month which can take several days to finish. You can see in the edit of this post that ads payments began processing on 5th May and concluded on 12th (You received your on 11th)

If you enabled ads at any time during a month your earnings will be processed in the payout cycle of next month. (even if you enabled ads, say, between 1-4 June before payouts of the month begin, you will receive your earnings only in the payout cycle of next month i.e. July)

See this hard work-

I read your and other message with screenshots and we on own can derive that payout will include ads earning from 1 may to 31 may 2021 on and after 6 jun, BUT BUT please wait for reply from authorized brave support executive Steeven at @steeven

I think steeven is out of office

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