Brave rewards payment not received

Facing the same issue

I also didn’t recieve any BAT on my verified gemini account!

Me too bro …I didn’t get reward

Does it automatically gets rewarded on Gemini acc?

interesting that Gemini is not mentioned.
but in general, someone should change that color. Really got me as well - green is green. :smiley:

Same here… September I claimed normally, but this month I was waiting for today to claim my rewards to uphold but it is showing 0… It was more then 2 BAT and it desapeared!! Please help

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It happened with me also my brave is not uphold verified1

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Me either, Gemini here.

Also earnings on mobile browser, only for uphold?

I am using Gemini as well. And haven’t received the rewards brave was mentioning until yesterday. Anyone has any update on that?

Kind regards

Same thing happened here. IT is not showing in my brave wallet, neither on the uphold, nor in the historic of payments (October is 0)

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it is 8 of October already, how many days more?

Wake me up when October ends :sob::joy:

this will not be resolve if all of us complain we dont have the capacity to do anything but still be patient because every thing will be resolve if there done fixing it.

Just everyone 1 star review them and they’ll fix it

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its been a full day for mine. and when i check the rewards history for Octobers payment it says a bunch of zeros lol… but i know i earned 3+ BAT

im using windows computer and my rewards have not come for a full day so i think its just people in general… and you cant receive brave rewards on iphone BTW

Same here my rewards still haven’t come in. Whats going on Brave? Did we all get jacked?

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i remember last month it did the same thing but it eventually came thru, it jsut didnt take this long.

you have to also remember BAT is a ERC-20 token so it runs on ETH and Gass fees… so if eth fees are up i would assume they gonna wait till the gass drops and then they send it all out

i doubt they gonna take our rewards and burn a ton of happy users

im hoping for the beast basically lol

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Payouts are currently processing, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from ads. Please see this thread for updates - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!