Brave Rewards payment due date keeps on increasing instead of showing "CLAIM" button

I installed brave ads on my Desktop computer. However I am not getting “CLAIM” notification. As far as I can remember, It happened since november 2020. Everytime payment date comes, it will just increase for 2months my payment date and I will not receive claim notification which should be at every 6th of the month. And until now I havent received any notification despite receiving ads. Right now, my payment due date is on June 6 2021. Why is this happening. What should I do to receive claim notification? Please someone help.

Which version are you running?

I’m running v1.22.71

I honestly don’t know what could be causing this behavior, for the moment the only thing I think you could do for now is to send a dm to @steeven explaining your situation and attaching any relevant screenshot, with the next info:

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Thank you. I will DM him now.

I forgot to add that you need to be very patient while waiting for an answer

No problem with me. I just wait for his reply. Thanks again for informing me.

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