Brave Rewards past "Pending date" - Should they appear in my wallet?

I may be misunderstanding how the system works here, however, I am trying to make sense of it all.
I have 10.0 BAT showing in my Wallet.
I have 78.0 BAT designated for contributors.

Of these pending, 55 have passed the “Pending Until” date.
(Many of them were pending until April 2019).

I would have expected those passing the pending date would now appear in my wallet - therefore I should have at least 55BAT in my wallet - or up to 65, depending on if the 10 that do appear in my wallet still show in the list of “Pending Contributions”. (I would assume if they have been transferred, I would not see them in Pending, so my balance should be 65 BAT. Is there a list of “transactions” for the wallet?)

I have an Uphold account but waiting for the stable release as it sounds like it’s close and I don’t know if there are complications installing night and transferring from 1 build to another.

I’m actually very curious about this too. So please let me know what you find out.

Brave says: “At the end of the 90 day period, any contributions marked for unverified publishers will be released back to the wallet. No funds leave the browser except to go to verified creators.”
Last night my pending list changed.
Was: 78 BAT pending with 55 BAT past pending date (between 42 and 107 days past the “pending until” date)
Today: 23 BAT pending (between 26 and 57 days until pending date is passed)
My wallet remains at 10 BAT (no change)
Q: What happened to the 55 BAT?

Will they have been “released back to the wallet”? I read this as My Wallet?
I have a sneaking suspicion these rewards may have been accumulated prior to the Jan 11 build release date (or being installed on my machine), which could mean the unclaimed/ unverified BAT will be held in escrow until returned to the User Growth Pool in 8-9 months.
Have I pieced this together correctly or not?

Will they re-appear somewhere in some mysterious timeframe? Or Not?

Or have they gone into the “Ether”(eum) - haha

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