Brave Rewards - Opted into Ad's Not Seeing Any

Brave Rewards Opted Into 5 Ads/Hr

I am currently running Brave Beta and I am trying to use the Brave Rewards and opt into ads. It shows that I have been offered 7 ads however I have not seen any links or pop-ups to accept viewing the ads.

I continue to have the shield running on all websites so I am curious if the brave reward ad offers are blocked by the shield.

Is this something other people have seen or is the ads not fully yet implamented in the beta build?


Ads currently limited to few countries.

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I am in the US, so I figured I should get them. I run NordVPN which has “CyberSec” running in the VPN Instance which is supposed to limit tracking and ads. I am going to test to see if this is disrupting the opt-in ad service of Brave.

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Please try that and send the results

I have tested and resolved the issue.

So first off the “CyberSec” portion of NordVPN does not cause any issues with the ad pop-ups.

The issue I had was on my Windows Settings themselves and it took some digging to find this out on the forums.

I suggest that it is made clear to users that this setting must be turned on:
–Under Windows Settings
–Nottifications & Actions
–Get notifications from apps and other senders
–This has to be turned on.

I assume most people who are looking at using Brave as a browser have also made various changes to the security settings on their PC. This was one that I had to revert back to on in order to utilize the Brave Ad’s.

Hope this helps others in the future.

On top of the windows settings it would have been good to know what to expect for ads. As I have seen they are general Notification Panel Pop Ups that bring you to a website for whatever is advertised. They are not video ads or anything like that, at least not that I have had. So this would be good lay out for users on the live build.


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Is there a timeframe to expanding to other countries?

Will Ads make it into the stable realease before I see any in Australia? Wondering if I should remove the Dev build and wait for an announcement on adding more countries then pick up the latest beta or stable build.

No specific timeline but Jennie on the brave telegram chat room says sometimes around the summer the ads program would have been greatly expanded

I am also having this issue on a Mac and I am also using NordVPN - I checked to make sure notifications are enabled for Brave Beta and they are - will do a bit more testing to see if I can figure out the issue and update here.

Brave Rewards - Opted into Ad's Not Seeing Any this may be of help to you

I’m not sure if it works the same on a Mac. But I had to ensure the operating system notifications where turned on for Windows.

I installed Brave Beta version but have not seen any ad yet. Maybe because I am from UAE and this option is not available here. Please confirm.

I have successfully received 5 ads now using the beta version on MacOS Mojave. I am still checking to see if Avast or NordVPN interferes at all.

@ukay - it very well might be location that is the issue for getting ads to work - according to the FAQ, it is launched in 5 countries:

Brave Ads will initially be released in the US, UK, Canada, France and Germany

We’ll support other countries across two future rollout phases, eventually reaching full global support. Please keep in mind that if you’re in a country that is not one of the five countries listed, you will not see ads in the Dev Channel Preview at this time.

You might try it with a VPN if you can?

When I’m on Windows using the VPN I don’t have any issues.

My main OS is Linux and that doesn’t have a beta version with the ads yet, seems like the Linux release may be quite a few builds back.


Can confirm that for me it is fully working with MacOS

At some point in the future will be implement it in Mexico?

Hey guys. I’m using windows - I made sure my settings were in order in my ‘notification and actions’ … however, I’ve opted into the ads for what seems liek a few weeks and have not seen a single ad

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