Brave Rewards, once again, were not distributed


My 3rd month of not receiving any Brave reward. Since I started using the browser, I have been enjoying it’s features such as ad blocking. While chromium, the browser itself is very well made. I do really like using Brave. That being said, this is the 3rd month I have not received a brave reward. I view 10+ ads daily just to get a smidge of BAT in the hopes it finally makes it to my wallet. Unfortunately it never does.

Mandatory Q/A below

Windows 10/ Brave Version 1.35.101

Wallet is verified

Verified in January

Have NEVER recieved Brave reward

VPN on occasionally

In a supported region

Have not manually turned off auto contribute on all devices

Something I find interesting is that my expected reward is always cut in half before the payment processes. For instance, if I am earning x BAT this month, by the token distribution date, I am notified that x/2 brave will be processed. Ultimately, this doesn’t matter as I never end up getting ANY BAT, but I still find it odd and expect the support team to understand the mechanism behind this.

So Brave support, if I am giving you my data, what am I getting in return?

I see plenty of posts like mine here that fail to be adequately responded to. I hope this post doesn’t get flagged for being too similar to another post, because this is my user experience and I would like to understand the hiccup.


Having similar issues. Wonder if this is just a scheme to get free ad revenue of off all of us with the promise of money in return

Same here, no rewards although they are still processing according to their post so give it some time. Timekeeping has never been one of Brave’s strong points!

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I also got my Rewards card showing the payment was being processed, now I don’t have any info and no rewards for february


Please follow this thread for updates regarding February payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!