Brave Rewards on the way

It is writing “January rewards are on the way. Keep an eye on your wallet!” Today is 10.02.2022 and my bat rewards havent got yet


I am also facing the same issue and my uphold account is verified and ccd has been already setup


Same here. It just shows “on the way” but my Gemini wallet is not updated as of 10th Feb. What’s worse, I haven’t even received December payout!

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same, but I know I closed the page for error during captcha, so maybe that’s the cause at least for me…

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Getting worse. The “on the way” message has disappeared but nothing changed in my wallet!!! What’s wrong there??


i don’t know about that, i still have it…

It is writing “January rewards are on the way. Keep an eye on your wallet!” Today is 11.02.2022 and my bat rewards havent got yet :smirk::smirk:

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me too.I think this month brave scammed us!!


Same here. My Uphold is verified and CDD complete, I had the “on the way” message up until yesterday but now it has gone and still no BAT!

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same for me as well i am still not able to claim it

these people are sounding like immature 12 years old
they are like I worked so hard for 1 month and the boss is not paying their salary.
you are getting it free so just chill

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How to complete ccd in uphold wallet pls tell

It came up automatically for me when I moved from the classic UI to the new Uphold UI.

Another few days gone - I hope you had received yours but obviously I haven’t seen any progress on mine.

Anybody has any idea about Brave customer service or support team? I want a direct contact to have it fixed!!

I have not been paid for 2 months, can anyone get paid?

i have the same problem as Joyce!

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same for me, i didn’t receive my reward for january :frowning:

Anyone finally received? I still haven’t received mine up to this point :frowning: I DM the guy according to the published instructions but never any response… what’s going on there?

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nope Joyce… still waiting also… i messaged steeven too… please update if you receive your bat :stuck_out_tongue:

@J0yce who did you DM and when? Did you make sure to include your Wallet Info and all that they’d need?

Asking as need to make sure it was @Mattches or @steeven. And also have to realize they have a high volume of tickets later, issues to resolve. At least I’ve tagged them here for them to check later, but that will only work if you contacted them and provided details they need