Brave rewards on mobile and desktopr

Hi ive got brave on my laptop
And connected my gemini account

I have it on my phone also but havent connected anythign
Can i connect the same gemini account and earn on 2 devices to 1 gemini account?
Im in england

Are you from Gemini supported region?

Im based in england
And it works
I linked my gemini account

Short answer, yes you can.

Yes, you absolutely can.
You can only connect to Gemini on a rewards profile if that was connected to Gemini earlier. In case of a new rewards profile, you won’t be able to. That is because Gemini verification has been limited to users only in the US.

Read the above two posts to get exact details.

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I just tried it now on my phone
And it says im not in a supported region
But isnt england supported?


Did you have it connected earlier? To the same Gemini account? The same rewards profile?

England and a lot of other countries are like partially supported. The thing is they’re only allowing only previously connected rewards profiles to connect. New profiles won’t be able to connect still.

The above has more details. Go through it once.

No more for new linkings

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