Brave Rewards on iOS!


Thank you guys at Brave for the recent iOS update for Brave Rewards feature. I deeply appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@Asad I would like to know if I am able to send BAT to a personal Uphold Wallet (like the desktop version allows) when the next distribution date is due. Thanks.


I second that - great news and I’m thoroughly enjoying so far :slight_smile:

I’d second @metalmyles1 question of sending to Uphold. I’d also like to extend that question where possible to “and how can I backup my iOS wallet in the event I have to wipe my phone” - at the moment I’d stand to lose all of that BAT?

I currently “sync” my desktop wallet between my devices via the restore functionality. Probably not as intended, but it works for me. However I can’t include my iOS device in that little loop as it appears to be a standalone wallet currently?

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Hi Myles,

iOS withdrawals won’t be ready by then, I’m afraid – stay tuned, we’ll have more updates on this soon!


Ok, Thank you for letting me know @Asad. And thanks for all your help.

No ads appearing on ios app - anyone have a fix

is anyone knowing how the wallets are connected? Do I have 1 wallet at each device or is there just a general wallet for both?

Thanks for reading.

@Guludack Each Brave wallet is on each device individually. So what you earn on one device will likely be different depending on how many Ads you’ve clicked on.

However, let’s say you have two desktop computers. If you have an Uphold account to send BAT to your own personal accounts and you link it to the same account email, then your BAT can be sent there using multiple devices. Or if you just send it to content creators than that will work on pretty much any device today.

If your earning BAT through the Brave browser on a mobile devices like the iOS (which just came out), you can’t send it to your Uphold account just yet through the app alone which someone from Brave told me recently. Hopefully this will happen soon.

The work around is if you want to send money to your Uphold account via Brave on the iOS, you can send BAT to your own a website by setting it up to receive Brave contributions.

@Asad One more thing: When I get a Brave Ad notification on iOS, sometimes it disappears if I don’t touch it after about a minute. Is there another area it is kept so I can view it later? As far as I know, it isn’t left in the notifications center.

For example, I know that Windows 10 will keep the Ad in the notifications box until I select it. And I really like that .

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