Brave Rewards not working since beginning of May 2020

Since the beginning of May my brave rewards is stuck on 1.09. It hasn’t changed a bit. It hasn’t changed over to June either. Can you fix this issue?

What OS and Braver version? BAT from Ads? Send a screenshot of your Rewards Panel. Thank you!

Windows 10 PC

(Attachment Screenshot of Brave Rewards.html is missing)

Can you click the triangle in the URL bar and screenshot that panel. Thanks.

I click on the triangle and it pops up a window to join brave rewards

Hi! This system is incredible, and revolutionary! And this is no surprise that there will be bugs, and not to mention human error on the user front… when rewards were not working, I thought I would just delete iOS app, and reinstall everything and it will be great! … not the case here, I lost 83 BAT. Is there anything I can do to recover them? Thank you for your time, and consideration on this matter.

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Dear Sir,
Once again my brave rewards has stopped working. This happened in May to June. It was fixed and now the same thing is happening with a msg stating Opps, something went wrong and we are working on it. Last time it was for two months until I contacted you. This time I am contacting you immediately. What seems to be the issues with keeping it working?

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