Brave rewards not transferred to wallet

It’s the 6th of October and as far as I know Brave transfers the rewards earned through the month into the wallet on the 6th of each month. Why hasn’t mine got transferred? It’s telling me payout is on 6th of November?

Brave Browser, I’m telling you, you’re gonna soon lose the truth of people if you continue scamming like this. Another thing I noticed is that once BAT worth 1USD was collected, Brave stopped showing me any more ads. I don’t want to leave Brave, but you’re going to play jokes on me, I won’t mind switching back to Chrome even though I’ll have to watch ads. And don’t blame the algorithm that stopped showing me ads after 1USD was collected. It’s you who’s doing this on purpose so that you don’t have to pay users.

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Still processing October Brave Ads Payout Status