Brave Rewards Not Synced With Uphold

Hello. I have a verified Uphold account and a Brave Rewards account. My browser shows that I have 213.3 BAT. The BAT was earned from ads however, it was before I verified my Uphold account. When I go to my Rewards Settings and click Withdraw Funds, my Uphold account shows 0 BAT. Does anyone have any ideas why it’s not showing up in my Uphold account?



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Hi, I have the same problem. since February my $bat does not sync with my uphold account.
never really syncs.
What I remember was that in February when I connected the uohol account it was not yet kyc.
then connect an uphold kyc account. but until these days the problem persists.
I don’t know if connecting an uphold non-kyc account for the first time causes this problem.

Thanks for reaching out.
Can the both of you try Disconnecting, then reconnecting your browser wallet to Uphold? Simply click where it says Wallet verified:

Then Disconnect from Brave Rewards, then “reverify” by reconnecting the wallet the same way you did initially. Let me know if this changes anything for you.

I did that and it’s still not showing up in Uphold.

Hi @am4am4 - can you DM me your Rewards Internal info which can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/.

hello @steeven this user has a problem similar to mine if you manage to fix it can you let me know please? In case it is negative we can share the screen as we agreed by private message for the next week. grateful for the attention.

Hi @steeven,
I also have similar issue with my brave rewards. Already tried disconnect and reconnected my browser wallet but the issue still persist.

Hi @steeven

I am having the same issue. I also tried disconnecting and verifying again but no rewards are showing up in my Uphold account.

I still have the same problem. So frustrating.

My rewards showed up in my wallet today out of nowhere. Hopefully it starts working for you guys.


hello and that was after updating to the latest version? I still have the same problem

I had updated to the latest version well before the wallet finally synced with Uphold.

I have the same issue with my wallet and the uphold account.

My wallet doesn’t sync with the uphold wallet

Anyone figure out a way to resolve this? My uphold account is verified, when I press verify account on Brave it sends me to Uphold but nothing happens, and it still says Verify Wallet. Dont know what else to do. Already created new profiles for the browser, same thing happens.

I also have this problem. I have 3 claims now, none of them appears in uphold:

Info from rewards internals:


I have already disconnected from uphold, the ammount changes to the “un-synced” ammount. When i reconnect the sync does not happen.

What can i do?