Brave Rewards not showing (iOS)

Good afternoon,

On my Android device Brave just works fine, but on my iOS device I don’t get any Brave Rewards. First of all because it does not show ads, although I do get paid background pictures. The reason why I don’t see ads might be because notifications aren’t turned on. Strange thing is Brave does not show up in my IOS notification centre.

And here a picture of the ad background showing: .

Anybody an idea how to solve this or is this a bug?

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FYI – I tried to reinstall, since I didn’t have any Brave Rewards anyway, but it didn’t work. Version 1.16 ( iPhone SE.

Even no option to turn off/on notifications here:

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Can you visit and try to enable notification there? This one is for forcing a notification on Brave – to make sure Brave listed on your OS Notification settings

Thanks , for the quick reply. I tried all options on the website. But apparently my Brave browser doesn’t allow notifications. And when I try to authorize, it shows the “Notifications are not available for your browser” message as well.

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Hi, I have the same problem. It also says “Notifications are not available for your browser”.

I had the same problem. But Since the update it works again

Which iPhone are you using? After the update, still the same issue here

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Same problem… anyone has the solution ?

When I check the website it still says I am unable to receive notifications. However, since a couple days I am receiving ads from Brave. But no idea, how it got fixed. Maybe a new update

Same here even in last 1.17 version.

Up … And waiting for some Brave team feedback.


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