Brave rewards not received in my uphold account

I set up and verified an uphold account to get add rewards from brave browsing watching adds sent by brave. The payment date was November 5th 2019, but I never received the 3 BATS rewards. Instead the side kept tracking up to November 6 saying the next payment date is December 5. Then today my BAT rewards change to 1.95 BAT. The rewards balance on my reward page was never accounted or transferred to my verified uphold account. It was very frustrating to say the least my experience with BRAVE add rewards.
Is anyone experiencing the same issues? How do you solve it? Or are brave rewards just a scam?


I am having the same exact issue.Not showing up in my uphold account


Hi @Watchman,

Welcome to community! Thanks for reporting your issue. Would you be willing to share a screenshot of your transaction issue from your Ads panel?

Thanks in advance!

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We’re having the same issue…when i check my brave account on november 8th it says my pay out is now on process …until i check it out this morning and keep saying that my next payment is on december 8th 2019…didn’t receive any payment at my uphold account i already verified it expecting that i will receive payment.


I also had the same problem.

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same issue



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Hi Steeven, I just uploaded a picture of my brave rewards account showing zero bats plus my uphold account linked with my brave account showing zero rewards from brave. Can you please fix this issue and send my rewards?
Thanks, Heber

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HI @Watchman sorry for the inconvenience, can you DM me the contents of your brave://rewards-internals and I can do a more in depth investigation? Thanks!

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Same here I have same problem

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Hi same happend to me… Did nit receive my bat from brave rewards to my uphold

I am having the same issue since Oct 5 and my rewards are decreasing and these are from adds

Version 1.1.20 Chromium: 79.0.3945.74 (Official Build) (32-bit)](


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