Brave Rewards - Not Paid, Again!


I’ve been advertising brave for some time now and my account has been suspended in the last 3 months at least 3 times, I’ve had calls with Brave employees to confirm that I’m not breaking any rules and everything is legit, which I understand, you don’t want someone to exploit your referral program.

But this is getting ridiculous. I haven’t received a payout for 2-months now. Every time I try to contact someone from Brave support I’m not getting anywhere. You have to admit this just starts to look like that Brave is trying to find a reason why not to pay you.

Today I received 20BAT in payouts when I should have received 6000+

Could someone help me out with this?


Same my account got suspended :frowning:

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Is there any other to verified my IDcard you people telling rejected idcard and I don’t have another what should I do?

Same situation, i written here details Account blocked today 8

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My account also blocked I don’t know why but no comment coming.

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I am thinking to uninstall the app.

Hi @ernests1 , have you recieved your payout this mounth already? How is your case? I just would like to tell you that my account is suspended third time. Last months I have had call with support and I have recieved confirmation I can advertising. But now my account is suspended and I don’t have my payuout… I have stopped my campaigns. I have a lot confirmations too. I have recieved information from Asad that I can’t recieve my payuout before September and I’m under advanced review. Asad is very helpful and I really appreciate this but it changes nothing. I have no access to my publisher account so I don’t know results of my actions :slight_smile: it’s not clear for me. I spent money for promotion. I spent half year for this. Always asking about every my act. I’m a really frustrated. No answers from Please send me more about your cases in PM, I would like to know more about people like me. Best Regards.

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