Brave Rewards not increasing even after clicking ads

Dear Team,

Im using brave browser for last 2 months.

I get ads and i visit the ad, but the rewards do not increase, I have been noticing that the rewards work once in a week and again stops working.

Please have this fixed.

Version 1.28.106 Chromium: 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)


I seem to be having a similar issue. I regularly receives ads on new tabs but I have not received any Brave rewards in 3 or 4 days now. Also, I have not received any notification in 4 days as well.


I have the same issue although I’m using a mac. new page tab ads aren’t getting counted or rewarded while notification ads are working and getting rewarded.

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Where are you looking when you say the Rewards “don’t increase”?

Same question, where are you looking when you say you don’t receive anything?

Same question – where are you looking? Additionally, it’s likely that you are simply hitting the daily caps for NTPSI, especially if you’re seeing regular ads without any issue.

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@Mattches I don’t know if I’m hitting the daily cap on new page ads because it’s several days and the pending rewards haven’t increased except when a notification pops up. but I did notice after reading another question [] on here that the ads displayed to me on my new page ads aren’t even in the ad catalogue for my region

@Mattches I am going to brave://rewards/. The Current earnings this month (estimated) has not increased in 4 days. I get ads on pages and up until this morning they were not for my region, none the less the estimated earnings has not changed and I have also not received any ad notifications in 4 days.


and the counter on the home page card.

@Mattches brave://rewards/ and the counter counter card on home page on righ


Am also facing this issue from last month. when i click the ads the rewards not increasing? can anyone solve this please?

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I’ve also stopped accruing rewards from the past few days. This is true for the estimated earnings on the new tab page, and the count in brave://rewards.

Some things to note from my end:

  • Macbook (non-M1), Big Sur
  • Not using a VPN
  • I’ve tried restarting Brave, and restarting my computer
  • I still get popup ads and new tab page ads with normal frequency

Am also facing this issue from last month. when i click the ads the rewards not increasing? can anyone solve this please?

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I’m getting the exact issue when I use Brave for android. I’ve been using it for several months (eight) now and still have ZERO Bat. Even though I get maximum ads. All I see are more people get the issue, no resolution reported.

I n is just turned off all ads since I don’t expect help to be forthcoming.

Brave Rewards is a scam. They don’t pay for views. I stopped getting ads when my pay per view got down to .01 BAT per view. They don’t give customer support either. Sorry friend

Need your help here… please assist, so many users are saying they have the same issue.

For anyone experiencing this issue, please send me a DM with the following information:

  • Please put the link to this thread in the subject line, so I know where you’re coming from
  • Please tell me if you’re not getting rewarded at all, or if you’re getting rewarded for some types of ads but not others
  • Please send me your wallet payment ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page

Lastly, please note that I typically get around 100 DMs a day and it may take me a little while to get to all of your messages. I appreciate your patience and will do my best to get this all resolved.

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I picked up the Browser for Privacy and I heard I could earn some kind of crypto/reward… nothing ever happened … I stopped using it.

So dumb

I’m using pretty much the same set up as you, and have the same issue. I also use it on other platforms- Win 10 Pro mostly. The problem follows all of my computers (I tend to use 3 daily- I know that’s weird, its just how I work). So the problem must be with Brave, rather than user error, or our computers suddenly not being up to spec. If anybody from Brave reads this we would all be grateful for an acknowledgement of the issue. I’m sure it’s not our computers, and reading the numerous posts on the topic it seems most of us were all running fine, then this issue hits us at random. It went on for a long time for me last time, then randomly fixed itself. There are just so many different people with different computers for it to be a hardware issue, and I’m sure none of us started playing around with the settings and made a mistake. Why would we? We simply use Brave and it normally works. It’s a shame that the best I can hope for at the moment is a random ‘magical’ fix. Best wishes, Lee :slight_smile:

Same thing happens to me. And when I click triange to see my rewards it says “there was a problem in processing your contribution”…

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I also use brave on three devices (one Andriod phone and two Win10 Pro). They all stopped receiving rewards. The common thing between them is they all stopped when they reached a total of 303 ads in the month. I guess that is the max for the month.

That is an interesting idea. I do click a lot of links. Perhaps there is a limit. It would be good to know if there is. The incentive for seeing the ad is the BAT. I personally don’t want to click ads I am not being incentivised to view. If I wanted to do that I could just watch TV, or click any of the millions of other ads the internet has to offer. I can’t see why a limit would be imposed. What purpose would it serve? How do you see how many adverts you have seen? I haven’t seen that myself. As for them all stopping at the same number, surely that is just because you are using the same profile over multiple devices? I doubt there is an individual count for each device, it will be the count for your profile. Best wishes, Lee

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