Brave rewards not increasing despite viewing ads

Yes, that is the case

Can you please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID, found on your brave://rewards-internals page?

I have the same problem too since 2 days ago on both my home PC and work PC. I am receiving ads but BAT is not increasing.

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I’ve gotten the same problem for a month now. I couldn’t count how many ads I’ve seen on the home page (when opening new tabs) and have not been paid for. It seems to be working for my friends, but I’m still stuck here with 2 or 3 ads a day (even though I set the limit to 5/h) and nothing coming from the home page, as OP described. Any fix ? Any info ?

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I have not received any BAT for over a month now but I have been seeing new tab ads the whole time. I do not have notification ads enabled. I would appreciate help with this. Thank you

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Hi @CubeOfCheese have you read this FAQ?

There is also this troubleshoot you can try, if you haven’t already (for Windows):

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A Brave release just dropped, make sure to update.

It’s been over 3 weeks for me seeing countless ads yet not seeing my ad count in reward settings increase, nor my bat increasing. I’ve followed every update the past 3 weeks and have yet to see any changes.

I guess Mattches doesn’t respond. I sent him 3 messages without any luck and it’s several days now. Will try reaching out to @steeven as i have a few issues connected to this.

Please send info in a DM @Sreeselva

I did send messages in a DM.

The problem isn’t whether I can see the ads or not. I can see them just fine. I’m just not getting any BAT after seeing the ads.

@CubeOfCheese, do you mean you have this option disabled?

I do have that option enabled.

@CubeOfCheese maybe this can help you

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Yes, as @JohnDproof points out, and this is why I directed you, @CubeOfCheese, to read that FAQ and Troubleshoot, as it seems there are some details about ads you are still unclear on.

Support is currently active in this thread now, so I would just keep your issue fresh, here, with a bump every few days to be seen till they can get around to you. In the meantime, have a look around at FAQS and some troubleshoots posted by other users that have worked out for them :slight_smile:

Okay clarification: I have Ads turned on in the brave://rewards/ page. I have notifications turned off for brave in my MacOS settings. I do see ads on new tab pages. This is how I used brave from the beginning and for the first month of use I received BAT from viewing new tab ads just as expected. Then I stopped receiving BAT even though I continue to see ads.
I would not like to turn on notifications for brave because I don’t want to be distracted. I don’t see why I wouldn’t be allowed to earn BAT for the ads I’m seeing on the new tab page without seeing or earning from notification ads. In other words, I’m seeing ads so I should be earning BAT - regardless of how I’m seeing the ads.
I think it would be nice if brave had two toggles for ads built in. One for new tab ads and one for notification ads. That way users could still get calendar notifications from the browser without having to get notification ads. But I’m fine not getting any notifications from the browser whatsoever.

I am wondering i had brave rewards of over 4. something and this mornign i log in and they are under 1 BAT? Weird… is something happening. Readjustments after BAT increase??

Hi @KennyWilliamson, payout is processing. Please read and follow Support’s topic here for more information and any updates:

Thank you Saere, have a good one.

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