BRAVE REWARDS not credites

Today is 9 May and the payment day was 6 May but on 6 may I didn’t receive any notification to transfer my BAT from “pending rewards” to my wallet.
and it is showing that the next payment date is June 6.


I haven’t received my rewards to my Uphold wallet as well. It seems like they are still processing them (see the link below):

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Payments are still processing. Give it a few more days, if at the top banner of this website if you see the payments go from processing to completed then reach out to an admin. Payments are usually delayed for quite a few users, and they are also doing some maintenance as well.

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Today I recieved some of BATs but Some BATs are still in pending rewards.
Payments for verified wallets are in process so wait for 1_2 days.

Do you get claim or creator payout?

I’m not creator. So I get claim. But no claim buttons was there the BATs were automatically credited to my uphold wallet.

I have same problem too and my last BATS lose in my Uphold walet. Is it joke ?

How u lost from uphold wallet ? Did they disappeared from uphold wallet or Brave pending rewards ?
Because I didn’t have lost any bats just they paid me little portion of my reward. And another portion is still in pending rewards.

Yes i lost BATS in my Uphold wallet. And i see now this BATS goes to Brave Software İnternational. I dont understand why. I didnt sent

what happen may payment ? stil did not receieved

I also did not see any "Claim your ad earnings now!" Been checking for days now. None. I still can’t withdraw to uphold so I should be withdrawing manually but there’s no prompt like the usual.

bro i think your auto contribution is turned on. off this option in the rewards settings.

Same here guys! Didn’t received may payment for unverified wallet. Developer please response.


Withdraw them time to time, only thing you can do

i did it maybe 3 months ago. i m sure it is not on

yeees, just i trust them but i cant trust again

same here, I have not received anything yet. I guess payments are still in process.

Same! I was supposed to receive brave rewards from three different b browsers. It only transferred .25 to uphold and I have around 15 due

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Same with me. Did not receive bats for unverified wallet.

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same thing happened to me