Brave Rewards Not Credited & Balance is NIL

this is every month routine. I collect brave for whole month and then on one nice day brave will flash “Congrats! Your November rewards have arrived!” Boom I received but never credited.

Played perfectly on the part of developer team. Can’t connect and balance just keep disappeared. BRAVO!!!


I have had this same issue this month (for nov payout), however this is the first time I’ve had this issue. I’m still waiting for the ability to redeem my Gemini credits. I usually have to do the “prove you’re a human and slide the shape to it’s match” thing but I wasn’t offered that this month.

@avjshah Shouldn’t be an issue. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to create a Rewards Support Ticket so Brave can investigate and try to help you figure out what’s going wrong. Also, if they see you didn’t get your BAT, they can help you do so.

Same for you @Chewieez

i have the same issue, have an uphold verified wallet, and this issue happened twice this month, when the payout began to roll out, had this happened for the first time, was supposed to receive 12.15bat, clicked to receive the balance of november that supposedly had arrived, it showed 10.0 bat, did the captcha verification with the geometric symbols that you have to drag to the right figure, as soon i completed this step i immediately got an error, but not message of what the error was about, browser just refreshed the page and thats it, balance now zero bat… this last week again received the same message, your bat have from the month of november have arrived click to receive, but now from the original 12.15bat showed up as just 1.0 bat, which is baffling, yet i tried to receive the 1.0, did the whole captcha security thing and error again, webpage refreshed and end up receiving nothing on my uphold account, and now the browser displays this small one sentence message, congratulations your november rewards have arrived. no deposit for any bat from november was made to my uphold account, opened a ticket, describing everything very early in december about the first time this had happened, and no reply to this day, its been about two weeks since the ticket was open. the brave version im using is up to date, everything correct and yet no bat have been deposited yet.

@nothereorthere Same answer to you as the others. Not sure what happened in yours but best way is to do a support ticket so Brave can investigate and try to help.

Hey. Did you check if it was already credited in your Gemini ?
I did not have to do the Captcha as well, it got deposited in my Gemini directly. I guess they’ve started doing direct deposits for Gemini as well.

I am not receving SLIDE option since many month.

I have raised ticket…

No response since last time

The holidays just got over. They must be having a week or two worths tickets to answer already. Just be patient :slight_smile:

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