Brave Rewards not being

Hello. my wallet is still empty and it is June 07 … normally the 6th of the month we collect our BAT. They are still in “estimation of pending rewards” …

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I have the same problem, the counting is correct but I am not recievinf the BATs despite the fact that I have verified my account

I got the same problem. New to the browser so wasnt sure if it was just me.

Thank you for your answers. This morning I receive 1.8 BAT, but there are more than 8 BAT in my earnings estimates … I understand nothing, weird

Let’s post on the main Thread as per Admin request.

I’m having the same problem!

I have 17.6 BAT pending, but received 3.4 BAT yesterday (on my payment date). It now shows the next payment date as July 6th. This is my second month using Brave, not sure what is happening.

So now people are not getting paid what they earn’t & tips don’t arrive. it’s not looking good if you ask me.

I have just recieved my payout acording to my winings of May, I think that from most people I is just a matter of time

How many hours ago did you get paid?

And did they deposit your entire reward ?

I recived all the concerning BATs to my May’s adds 5 hours ago

I’m still waiting. No reward was received for my Uphold account.


I’m trying this Browser for the second time. I set all the ads configuration and nothing is showing to me. I’m trying to find some tutorial on mac (Maybe I did something wrong), but there’s nothing, not a single clue.
The only thing that is really working is the Propaganda, because the functionality is 0.
If I receive nothing until tomorrow (ADS) I’ll switch back to Chrome, why would I use a program that is a copy from another and doesn’t add you a single thing ?

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