Brave Rewards Not Being Awarded Monthly

I am now going on my 3rd straight month on my browser where I have collected BAT but not being rewarded the end of the month. I used to have to drag a shape and collect my rewards, but that’s not even an option anymore. It keeps resetting to 0.0 and I don’t get rewarded, please help!

Hi @brov - thanks for writing in! Can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven ,

Any chance you were able to get it sorted out?


Hello, I’m not getting mine either. Used to deposit to Uphold. Now nothing in almost two months. Brave Rewards shows 0 BAT, Home screen of browser shows 25 BAT.

Hey Yall,

Have a decent history of receiving my rewards on a monthly basis, even if a little late (different date than usual). However, I have not received February’s rewards still… and it is almost the end of March. This has never happened before. Next payout date is scheduled April 5th.

Anyone else experience the same this month?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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