Brave Rewards not available in your country

I live in Thailand. Had brave rewards. Went on vacation to Indonesia and get a “not available reward error”. Now I am back in Thailand, but still have error

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Since now Gemini supports India region in their recent email, then why connecting gemini to brave is saying region not supported

It’s not as easy as you think.

Thailand is a region not listed at

So you won’t be able to earn BATs anyway, unless you’re connected to Gemini according to the recent changes

@Saoiray I’ve been waiting for an update. PSA: Unsupported Region - #363 by Saoiray

If there’s no update, he won’t be posting, right? Yea. There’s no updates unfortunately.

I live in Israel, this country is not in the list of inaccessible, apparently there is some kind of mistake. How to fix it?

I will suggest making a new topic for your issue. Also, you did not provide any info about the issue, makes it hard to help troubleshoot or give appropriate answers.

I think you should do smth

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