Brave Rewards not available in my region?

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I’ve received an error message that the Brave Reward is not available in your region. FYI, I am currently residing in Malaysia and have subscribed to Gemini. However, I am unable to transfer or verify my Brave account using Gemini.

Should I use Uphold instead? Would it be better to use Uphold compared to Gemini? Or is it that there is no support for Malaysia at the moment?

Please advise!

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same problem for me too

Same problem for me as well my Balance is gone …

Yeah, this is because of the temporary change in Gemini which has stopped supporting Brave accounts in many regions arounid the world. You can see the notice that went out at NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

Possibly. I know Uphold has remained open to more countries but they also have their own limitations. Malaysia is in a supported region as far as I know. Yet keep in mind that right now India, Vietnam, and Phillipines are no longer supported to receive BAT from Brave, even if only temporarily. I’m not sure if Malaysia may one day be affected or if it will remain clear.

In addition, I am uncertain if you would be able to access money if you had it in Uphold. The reason I say that is because of

So even though they offer accounts to Malaysia for cryptocurrency, I don’t see Malaysia listed in countries that can fund Uphold or withdraw from Uphold to bank account. I’m making a lot of assumptions on that though, so don’t take it as 100% fact. It’s just letting you know that might not be best option.

That said, Brave is working on introducing some changes to BAT soon that will allow more options. As they don’t want to get people too excited ahead of time, especially since it’s not guaranteed, they aren’t releasing too many details now. But I would suggest you wait a short while and should see some good updates here within the next couple months if all goes well.

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