Brave rewards not available for your device?

When I try to join the rewards campaign a popup window shows up “Brave rewards not available for your device?” (translated from German to English)
What can I do to solve this issue.
BTW: This happens using the Nightly Build.

What device is it that you’re trying to use Rewards on? Additionally, does it work for the stable version of the application?

No, does not work either for the stable version.
The device is an AGM X2 with Android v7.1.1

Rewards does work on my tablet with Android v5.1.1 and on my other Tablet with Android v8.1

It says the same about my Samsung Galaxy S6: “Brave Rewards are not available for your device.”

It is not rooted and it’s currently using Android 7.1 version. I don’t understand why. It’s still such a good phone and everything goes well on my PC so the problem is not my location.

My AGM X2 (Android 7.1.1) is also not rooted.

hola puedes ayudarme

For users seeing this issue, would you mind telling me what region you’re located in?

I am located in Germany.

I am located in Colombia.

please try this app and let us know if you are able to pass safetynet check

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I ran the test.
Test failed.
Safety Net Request: success
Response signature validation: success
Basic intigrity: success
CTS profile match: fail

What does this mean?

Your device must pass the safteynet check in order to be eligible to receive rewards.

Ok, I understand.
But what I have to do to achive completing the test?

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