Brave rewards not able to transfer to uphold

Hi, so I had some BAT rewards on my account and I recently tried to transfer it over to uphold and its giving me a error message. This is my first time trying to connect so I’m confused as to why I got this message. picture below


Currently, Brave-Uphold verification is paused. Link to support staff notice below. The notice is pinned in the Brave Rewards category. You may want to track that topic for updates.

This error may be a glitch, especially if Brave-Uphold integration is being reworked. Since Brave-Uphold connections are currently paused, there is really no way to troubleshoot or tell why you might be receiving this message. You can always try, something may work. Quoting part of a post I made in another topic before the pause was implemented(Unable to verify wallet due to device limit reached error ).

At one time there was a 4 Rewards wallet cap. That cap was removed in May of this year: Device Linking Limits Brave Rewards has been Removed However, I think there is still a cap. I think it is 15 but not sure about that number. The number is not officially stated but from other community member posts and experience, the cap appears to be 15 Rewards wallets. This cap is probably in place for fraud prevention. If you have connected 15 unique wallet ids to your custodian provider, that is probably why you are seeing that message.

If the above does not apply, the error may be a glitch. You can try the following.

  1. Make sure Brave and your OS are updated to the latest versions.
  2. Clear history/cache for all time, exit, and restart the browser.
  3. Disconnect and reconnect to your custodial provider. Might try browser exit and restart in between if just disconnect/reconnecting doesn’t work.

You could also try reinstalling Brave from the installer. Your Brave data should not be impacted but you should probably back-up your Brave-Browser folder just in case a problem occurs and you need to restore your data.

If you think you may have linked over 15 wallet ids to your account, then you should submit a request to Brave support for help using the form linked below. Otherwise, you will probably have to wait until Brave-Uphold connections are restored to see if the message auto-corrects. You could still submit a request but Brave support may not be able to address any issues relating to Brave-Uphold connections until the pause is rescinded and connections are reinstated.

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Update from support staff today:

Users attempting to verify a new wallet with Uphold will likely see the “Linking Limit” error.

So, just need to wait until Brave-Uphold connections are restored. You can still view ads and earn Rewards if there are eligible ad campaigns for your region. You can check ad campaigns available and eligibility here: Regional Catalog Viewer

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Greetings, I need help, I can’t withdraw my BAT for the month of May from Uphold since they have left my country Venezuela, and Brave has removed the rewards for the month of June from my dashboard, I think they should pay the rewards to Wallet Brave and from there one exchanges them with other sites. help me please thanks

@vip_larry FYI Verifying with Uphold has been restored. You should try reconnecting now. Please post an update. :slightly_smiling_face:

@eudis Your situation is different. I see you posted your own topic so you should reference the information posted in your topic.

Basically (and repeating information from your topic), since your country is currently not supported for custodial verification, you will not be able to transfer your Rewards to Uphold. However, you should still receive your earned BAT. Your payout should display in your unverified Rewards balance. If you have not received previous month(s) payouts, you should submit a request for support to investigate using the form linked below.

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