Brave Rewards - No longer can log-in to Uphold or Gemini

I’m from Greece and i saw that my Country no longer supported… How could i use the service up until now and no longer supported?

Anyway i tried both on my pc (linux) and in my Phone android , this just made me go back to my previous browser sad…

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hello i am from france and i got the same problem today


I first saw this a few days ago but didn’t tried in my phone , today i checked my phone also and its the same…

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Please see the latest here regarding regions eligible for verification.

Thank you


i already contacted uphold but they told me to contact brave but i dont know how ?

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So … pretty much ignored what i said… I have read the “Supported Regions” but until last month was ok? that the first and only reason i’m switching back to Librewolf btw. Case closed…

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Yeah, which is why you probably should check things out. Like:


Gemini closed off to most regions back in May. Then Uphold closed off to same regions on July 12.

So when you say “until last month was ok,…:” Well, that’s because Uphold didn’t switch until July 12.

Also if you pay attention to the other parts of the text:

Note that those who are currently verified and active in regions that are no longer supported will not be affected by this change while they are still connected to Gemini. However, once their Brave Rewards is logged out or disconnected from Gemini, they will not be able to log in again or re-verify if they are in an unsupported region.

Or for Uphold version:

Note that those who are currently verified in regions that are no longer supported will continue to be until they are naturally logged out over time, or press to disconnect Brave Rewards from their Uphold account. Once logged out or disconnected from Uphold, users in unsupported regions will not be able to log in again or re-verify Brave Rewards with Uphold.

This means if you were verified, you’d still get payments. But eventually it would automatically disconnect and then you’d be unable to reconnect because of the “temporary” regional changes.

Well, different ways. You can create Topic here or you can always submit Support Ticket if you have issues.

That said, if you’re referring to not being able to connect, you should be advised that there’s a temporary pause on Uphold for ALL users right now, so nobody can connect/reconnect to Uphold until that’s resolved.

That aside though, there was a bigger issue going on with government and business policies lately. As a result there was a joint decision between Brave, Uphold, and Gemini to narrow down the ability to connect to exchanges to only 19 countries. This means many users around the world won’t be able to link to Uphold or Gemini for the time being and BAT will be stored in your browser. You can see the official notices below:

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Gemini

NOTICE: New region restrictions on verifying Brave Rewards with Uphold

Is there any point in using Rewards anymore?

why do you promote your app in unsupported regions through ad campaigns ??? you should work for it first then should release globally. you can’t even solve the issues… 3rd class support ever seen

so what he’s not getting his rewards back… is he ? Uphold is a scam.

brave is equally responsible for Uphold and Gemini
these are payment methods of brave

Brave admins denies that they have nothing to do with Wallet issues…

Never lost his Rewards. If you’re not connected to Uphold or Gemini, then it’s stored in your browser after you claim it each month. Supernova, the OP, just is upset because they temporarily aren’t allowing to connect to Uphold or Gemini.

Yeah, nobody said otherwise. The current decision to reduce the number of countries that connect to Uphold and Gemini was a joint decision, with Brave being the primary.

Not sure what you’re referencing here? The change in region has nothing to do with the partial payments in the past or of people who are saying they didn’t receive their rewards. People who do submit tickets, provide necessary information, etc all have had their cases handled and things paid. The only issue now is the people who want to be able to withdraw BAT and turn into cash, but they are in one of the affected regions. There’s little that can be done about that.

I responded to someone the other day, I’ll link you to it here. There are three different types of supported regions. They are advertising in areas because Rewards is working and ads are available to people there. The Rewards program was meant to empower users over ads they see and to decide which websites to support. The intent was for us to tip websites. It was never intended for people to use as a second income or anything. Don’t get me wrong, they knew we’d pocket some, but they expected us to actually give it to sites to encourage them to participate in Brave and reduce ads & tracking on their sites.

Many have chosen not to tip any of their earnings but instead to pocket it all. On top of that, many have attempted fraud and violated Terms. Brave has been dealing with those misuing the system and trying to commit fraud, but it’s not easy. As for people tipping vs keeping, that’s just been a big social experiment.

Anyway, the browser delivers everything it promises and more. It’s just on User expectations and greed where we have problems. Btw…they plan on adding regions again. They just have some issues to work through. I haven’t learned it all but I can point out a small piece of the puzzle (1%, 5%, 10%, or what percentage, I don’t have a clue) as to what’s going on with regional support. You can see that at FYI: Regulatory Changes

They did just that. Brave has been around for a little while, you know?

Brave has solved quite a few issues. Evan, who you replied to on this, has been especially helpful since they’ve had him active here. He’s fairly new here on Brave Community, having just joined in April of this year.

When dealing with as many countries and moving pieces (Wallet, Rewards, browser, ad-block, Search, etc) as they do at Brave, you’re bound to have issues come and go. If you’ve ever seen the Github, they actually have thousands of issues they are working on. In fact, 4.9k issues they are addressing in regards to the browser itself. That’s not counting all the problems they are helping people with here on the forums, such as those who had problems with payment.

Also, the employees providing “customer service” here on the forum often are also helping with development. They aren’t just sitting there replying to people all day. So they stay busy and fix things on a regular basis.

I’ve had no issues with them. Overall haven’t seen too many people speak poorly of Uphold either. Definitely wouldn’t call it a scam. But I understand if you’ll say that perhaps you had issues with them. Not everyone or everything is without faults.

Brave has been one of the best support I’ve seen. They even have had executives and co-founder come here to help people at times. They are very short staffed compared to the size. Brave is estimated to have around 198 employees, give or take. Mozilla (Firefox) employs over 1,000 people and the same type of situation when you look at Google, Microsoft, etc for their browsers and customer support. Of Brave’s 198 people, that also includes marketing, payroll, etc.

If you consider the size of staff, how we’ve only had 3-5 people in general helping for Customer Support, and to see how many things they resolve…they are superb. Sure, they need more staff and to work more on their communication with people (especially making their announcements more visible and easy to find), but not sure you can complain.

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Yes, there is. First off, you can use it and tip content creators. That was kind of the original intent. But beyond that you can use it to save up on BAT for when you can connect to exchanges in the future or even when they get Pay With BAT released.

If saving for the future or using now to support websites/creators doesn’t sound good to you, then I guess the answer would be no. You can always turn off Brave Ads from within brave://rewards and then turn it back on in the future when they make things available. In the meanwhile you will have access to an excellent browser, ad-block, crypto wallet, and more by continuing with Brave.

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Lastimosamente BRAVE se suma a los xenofobicos que dejan a latinoamerica por fuera y otros países europeos. Que falta de respeto a toda una región .

También dejaron fuera a Francia, Alemania, Filipinas, Vietnam, India, Rusia y muchos otros. No es exactamente lo que afirmas. No sé qué tan bien se traducirá todo esto o si hablas inglés también, pero tal vez intentes leer FYI: Regulatory Changes

Al menos estos cambios son sólo temporales. Joder, incluso esta semana todo el mundo es incapaz de conectar a Brave con Uphold, echa un vistazo a Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking

They also left out France, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Russia, and many others. It’s not quite what you’re claiming. I don’t know how well it will all translate or if you speak English as well, but maybe try to read FYI: Regulatory Changes

At least these changes are only temporary. Heck, even this week everyone in the world is unable to connect Brave to Uphold, check out Temporary Pause On Uphold Linking

Yeah … never lost my rewards BUT i just had to watch something i didn’t PAIED for… I’dont use adblocker because the ads slows the loading of the pages i want to see , but bacause i don’t want them to advertise me something the Google has stolen from me visiting some sites and always spam me about it. The rewards was great but without them the browser don’t worth and i returned to ungoogled chromium and librewolf cause i have nothing more to gain from it.

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so now what can we do if our country not in the list ? just disconnect our gemini account to brave award and let it save in our browser or can we using vpn to try to link with our gemini wallet and transfer our bat coin?

Who asked for your opinion?

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