Brave rewards never paid

Hello community.
I have been using brave since 2020 but never received my rewards. Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong ?
I’ve got brave on my phone and laptop
Looking forward to hear back from you

Is Auto-Contribution on for you?
Its on the Rewards tab: brave://rewards/

Also check if the Ads are on for you.

It’s active but from last year I’m not receiving any reward no bat

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In my time with Brave iOS, I quickly learned why I wasn’t either. To regretfully inform you, Apple decided to kybosh Brave paying out. As far as PC, no answer for you there.

See below for relevant article discussed above.

Yo dude. Firstly Brave Rewards have been shut down on iOS devices for the past 5-6 months.

Secondly, it shows there that all the BATs that you had previously collected have been donated to other websites.

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