Brave Rewards Missing


First time i try to contact support so i don’t know if it’s the good way.

Sorry for my bad english, i’m a french so… i can’t speak very well english like almost all french :smiley:

I got two problem about some missing bat with my verified youtube channel. Mail Youtube channel :

There were few months than this channel was verified and first sending bat wasn’t accepted due to Unverified channel. The problem is that this youtube was already verified and bat send me a message " We’ll try again in 30 days" something like this. And an other message like "you sent 1245782452 Bat to unverified people we’ll try again in 30 days but same it was since 2 or 3 months and i nener had this amount of Bat on my account so i couldn’t send this crazy amout but still there problem is maybe 100 or more Bat lost. So it was maybe 2/3 months ago and i never receive the Bat rewards token. So it could have a problem and it was lot of Bat for me (more than 100 i guess).

Second probleme is after one month it was ok about the verified channel youtube. Bat could be send to my youtube channel but the probleme if you send me maybe 20 Bat, i will receive maybe 5 Bat.

So i have only receive since 3 months about 20 Bat on my verified channel youtube who was sent to uphold when it should be more than 100 Bat.

So can you please check it then do something ? or maybe tell me the way how i can reclame the Bat missing if it is possible please.?

Thanks for reading me, and thanks too for the Brave system which is amazing. I realy enjoy Brave and all the community so thanks very much to you all for manage it.

Have a very nice day,

Amaury Lapoulie

Sorry I’ll try to make sense of your issues…

The issue with the 1245782452 BAT pending is a bug I believe the team are aware of this as other users have reported similar issues.

Missing BAT have been also reported, a 5% fee is taken but yours looks very strange.

Please note users need to make sure the browser is left open until the submission is fully completed.